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From Bland to Grand: The Stunning Decor Makeover of a Warehouse in Aurangabad.

When our team first saw the warehouse that was to host our client's Mehendi event, we were struck by the dingy and uninspiring space that lay before us. But we knew that with a little creativity and hard work, we could transform it into something truly magical. Our client wanted a Sufi-inspired decor. We were excited to take on the challenge and bring their vision to life.

Before: A Dingy Warehouse

The warehouse was in a sorry state when we first saw it. The floors were dirty, and the walls were stained and discoloured. The layout of the warehouse was not ideal for a wedding. It was a large, open space with a high ceiling and too much light. There were no designated areas for the Mehendi stage, dining, or lounging. It was a far cry from the beautiful Mehendi venue our client had in mind.

After: A Sufi-Inspired Mehendi Venue

Our first step towards transformation was to give the ceiling and walls a complete makeover. We transformed the plain, dingy ceiling into a stunning display of Rama Green and gold velvet fabric drapes, giving the venue a regal touch. To further elevate it, we added several chandeliers and Moroccan arches that complemented the Sufi theme, creating a magical atmosphere that transported guests to another world.

To complete the ambiance, we added an exclusive variety of furniture pieces that added depth and character to the space.

To set the mood, we designed the space lighting to create a soft, warm glow throughout the venue. The lighting and decor elements worked together to create a dreamy atmosphere that perfectly captured the essence of our client's vision.


The transformation of the warehouse was remarkable. Our client was overjoyed by the transformation of the space into a beautiful Mehendi venue with a Sufi-inspired decor. Guests were wowed by the stunning decor and couldn't stop taking pictures. They loved the exclusive furniture pieces that were comfortable & complemented the overall theme.

This transformation was challenging and rewarding experience for our team. We were proud to bring our client's vision to life and create a magical space that perfectly captured the essence of the Sufi theme. At Sajdhaj we always strive to create something truly special.


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